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593 Children


The #1 goal of any society is to perpetuate itself, and that means having children. That's why Reproductive Rights are strongly supported in U.S. jurisprudence: no forced contraception, no child-bearing licenses, parents decides for the child, and legal abortion. Unfortunately, there is a self-loathing component promoted by the Identity Politics Left that explicitly demands no more White babies, and there are many White Millennial woman who feel guilty because of this. There's also the negative pressure from Lefty Green politics, embodied in Environmentalism that creates a negative view of humanity; it's easy to feel sanctimonious about deer and salamanders, but White men, not so much.

Having children has gone from being free throughout history to becoming incredibly expensive. It’s only been within the last couple centuries that kids were considered to be more than extra hands to work the farm. They paid for themselves by remaining ignorant and working 12 hour days from the age of 8. That’s no longer an acceptable solution to insuring reproduction, and religion's positive childbearing influence is waning, giving way to societal indoctrination in public schools that actually discourage children in a secondhand way with their emphasis in preventing teen-pregnancy, but no counteracting message that children are positive and beneficial, and having them in your twenties is a good thing.


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