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592 Divorce


There's a 70% chance that marriages can stay together for a decade before they divorce, and an even chance that they can stay together for 20 years. Those would be pretty good odds in Vegas but somehow expectations, probably religious indoctrination, there's the idea that people would stay married for their whole lives. That's unrealistic. People change, and multiple decades is a lot of change. Divorce should be considered a normal practice so easy divorce is good; spouses shouldn't feel locked in forever. Quickie divorces between equal partners without children, no attorneys involved, are popular.

Unfortunately, the specter of divorce hangs over men. The Cultural Marxist tactic of dividing people has clearly redefined marriage as men are Oppressors and women are Oppressed; historically, and forever more. Add in children, and a new class of indentured servitude has emerged; divorced men. The stereotype is that men lose their autonomy to venal, grasping women “taking everything,” but this is not born out in reality; many couples are young, buying things mostly on credit, and since money is a leading cause for divorce, when what little assets are split between spouses, there is not enough equity to carry so much debt, and all the things bought on credit get repossessed. Frankly, everyone wants to play victim, divorced men too.


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