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591 Marriage


Marriage is like a starting gun; until people get married, their lives are on hold. Marriage is where maturity comes from because it's when everything stops being only about you. Even bad marriages are better than never, and even divorce is better than never growing up. Marriage means making a commitment: marriage is buying a house, marriage is changing your friends, marriage is having a person you trust to make the DNR. Many people think marriage is archaic, that anything you can do with a marriage, you could do with a contract, but that's just as much marriage as standing in front of a priest.

Many singles use the excuses that they can't afford marriage, or they don't want to be tied down, or they just haven't found the right person, but basically anybody can be married to anybody. Couples throughout history have done fine in arranged marriages, they still do, and most people marry the equivalent of the neighbor-girl, convenience and chance. Life is a series of lucky events: you're lucky when you find a partner to get married; maybe that one will work out, which would be fairytale-like, or maybe you have to try to get lucky again. Even if you lose everything in a divorce: next... And if you get children out of a marriage, that's worth the whole lot; both to you and to society. Tick, tick, tick; get married soon, you can't stay a kid forever.


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