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589 Isolationism Again


When trade increases productivity, it's a good thing, but when trade is used to bypass U.S. regulations, or undercut American workers, it's a bad thing. That's where the term “Fair trade” came from, as a means to discourage exploitation. Unfortunately, in the public's mind, trade is trade is trade, and trying to promote only Fair Trade or Balanced Trade, is ignored. The unfortunate fact is, exploitative trade is worse than no trade at all; America could provide everything its citizens need from within our borders, no need to enrich The 1% at everyone else's expense; no need to sell America to rich foreigners; no need to sacrifice the average American's liberty so that the Nouveau Aristocracy can get wealthier.

“America First” is kind of an isolation; not just trade but abdicating our role as the world's policemen. In that regard, China is isolationist, Russia is isolationist, as are most other nations, at least with their nationalistic tendencies. In fact, the world is finding its nationalism again; regular people don't want to be part of a New World Order; they don't want to lose their sense of identity, nor be subject to the whims of Collectivists. America has been successfully isolationist before and is moving in that direction again, with the biggest beneficiary being liberty.


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