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The TransPacific Partnership (TPP) was put on hiatus by the election of Donald Trump, but it still has relevance because the next president may be a Globalist rather than a Nationalist. The most noteworthy part of TPP was that it was a secret agreement. As odd as that sounds, its proponents seem to find no problem with America signing something that only a couple dozen business executives and Globalists knew what they were agreeing to. We have country-to-country trade now; which for a nationalist, is a lot better than an overarching worldwide business-to-business agreement, without input or control from its citizenry.

The most heinous part of TPP was its enforcement mechanism. If your sovereign nation used democracy to create a regulation that would be detrimental to an international corporation's profits, such as an anti-smoking message on cigarette packaging, TPP provides a lackey-court to determine whether your nation owes the international corporation the profits it might have made without the regulation; then all the other nations in the TPP must stop trading with your nation until it pays up. The multinational banks simply won't process transactions of the violating nation, essentially excluding them from any world trade at all. If trade makes a nation, and business controls the trade, then TPP lets business control all nations. Consider how close the U.S. got to the brink...


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