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587 Globalists vs. Nationalists


Globalists want a One World Government and Open Borders, Collectivism on a grand scale. They use as justification their claim of less violence and longer lifespans that comes from doing what is best for everybody. The obvious problem with Globalization is that everyone has to have the same goals – worldwide. The opposite of Globalism is Nationalism, the attempt by a country to retain its own unique religions, customs, and traditions; to maintain national borders, and to encourage the goals and ideals of their own country on the international stage.

The first loss to Globalism will be liberty; Globalism focuses on equality, usually in the arena of post-modernism; the claim that women and minorities have been continuously oppressed by Western culture, namely The Patriarchy, and that a New World Order would require the oppressors to stand down until everyone is on equal footing. Globalism also finds support among the international business community that would benefit from universal trade without national barriers, such as tariffs or local purchasing preferences. Among the more prosaic Globalist goals is to prevent robots, genetic engineering, and Climate Change. In my particular case, age and conflict aren't even in my Top 10 desires; I want anticipation, achievement, and adventure; I can't wait for the robots and genetically modified humans. I guess that makes me a Nationalist?


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