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585 Selling America


Another nation cannot exchange their currency for U.S. Treasuries, otherwise they would simply print their way into having America's taxpayers be their slaves. No, they've got to use U.S. dollars, and they've got to get those dollars from someplace. Congo and Kyrgyzstan don't have a lot of U.S. Treasuries but China does: why is that? When Apple builds a factory in China, it has to convert U.S. dollars, and the Chinese use those dollars to buy American assets: stocks and property. Apple essentially sold a piece of America to a foreign power so that they could get richer.

The euphemism is that Apple is “investing” in China, and China is “investing” in the U.S., but do we really want major property and business ownership to be in the hands of foreigners whose national interest is not our own? Do we want them buying Real Estate, creating bubbles that deny home ownership to average Americans? It's actually worse than that: compare if Apple spends $100 million in the U.S. employing American workers who pay taxes and buy things from people who pay taxes and buy things, and so forth; but if Apple spends the same money in China, Chinese workers get the money, the U.S. receives no taxes. Also, Chinese workers buy things from Chinese people who pay no taxes to the U.S., and so forth. Who really benefits from Globalism?


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