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581 "Free" Trade Again


“Free” Trade is essentially the exploitation of destitute labor in other countries, only to impoverish our own, for the benefit of a small Nouveau Aristocracy. Worse, it cedes our national sovereignty to international courts, trade tribunals, and military pacts, which is extremely anti-democratic and certainly not in the best interests of our nation's citizens, violating the very essence of liberty. While Trade in general leads to better lives for everyone, “Free” Trade concentrates the benefits to a few, most often not even citizens of the U.S.

Trump's attack on “Free” Trade is not unprovoked. Lilliputians know how to defeat a giant; swarm over it while it's unaware and tie it down with ropes; that's what NAFTA, WTO, and the proposed TPP did. When those agreements were made, the U.S. invariably took a subservient position, and the supposedly unbiased special trade courts found against the U.S. over 90% of the time. Other presidents said they were going to do something about the exploitation of the U.S. but they never did anything. Why? Because the weapon is tariffs, and gall enough to take on the whole world. Until Trump, there wasn't a president willing to take the political hit, but Trump rightly believes that no trade is better than “Free” Trade.


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