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578 Oligopoly


People don't use the word “oligopoly” much anymore, except to describe Russian billionaires; we now use the word “Elites” to describe power concentrated into a small inner-circle of Deep State and monied interests that control the country. Oligopolies inevitably develop over time, a side effect of democracy. Indications of oligopoly are elected leaders who are related to each other, like the Bushes or the Clinton family, and revolving door lobbyists, plus all the bureaucratic underlings who mutually benefit via power or money. Another sign is an elected president who must contend with behind-the-scenes resistance from the past administration's holdovers.

Unfortunately, Capitalism is easy prey to oligopoly, so it seems certain to occur if there is no ethical indoctrination against it, or mechanism to prevent or dismantle it. America seemed resistant to oligopoly in the past but that may be an illusion of history; those old famous ultra-rich families are still ultra-rich, moreso even; how did they get and stay that way without extraordinary behind-the-stage influence. The monolithic alignment of media against Donald Trump is proof enough that the U.S. has slipped into an oligopoly, finally making The People aware of it, but it's difficult to tell right now if he is the cure or its victim.


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