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573 Corporation Bashing


The animosity directed towards corporations has been increasing for the past couple of decades, starting about the time of the fall of the Soviet Union. That's not a coincidence; the rise in support for socialism in America requires the demonization of Capitalism, most exemplified in bashing corporations, but leading directly to disdain of business in general. From there, scorn and ridicule gets heaped on the person who operates a service station or sandwich shop. Meritocracy itself, denigrated as part of “The Patriarchy,” is under fire.

People are always looking for a bogeyman that is causing their problems, but when the scapegoat is foundational to our society, and the hate and venom is deflecting onto the people who are its backbone, pitting neighbor against neighbor, this will lead to non-cooperation and diminishes all our lives. It's happening now, and its cause is clear: when socialism again became acceptable, so did the inevitable collapse of The American Dream. The solution isn't to reign-in corporations, the solution is to delegitimize socialism, but who's going to do that? Corporations? Government? Religion? Where does a resuscitation of Capitalism's image begin?


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