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568 Business Ethics


A business is not a person, it is a machine, so can have no morals. In fact, a business should be amoral because morals are subjective, not legally objective, so they cannot be applied nor enforced; it's ridiculous to even try. Ethics are similarly artificial, and have the same fundamental problem of: why should everyone be under the yoke of the ethics of the few? A clear line between people and business needs to be drawn; one that separates the moral, ethical, and social obligations of people from business.

For a business, the only rule more important than generating profits is to stay within the confines of the law. This is a pretty wide interpretation because it means anything not specifically restricted is open to business, which leads to exploitation unless there are regulations stopping it, which works, as long as the process of regulation is formalized, and not subject to morals or ethics. It's never business that's the problem, it's the the people who run business that are flawed; people who forget that business serves society, not the other way around. This same situation applies to government.


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