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563 Immigrant Societies


An immigrant society isn't just a nation with lots of immigrants; without integration, that could easily end up as balkanization, where the society tears itself apart physically. The U.S., the leading nation recently built of immigrants, but also Australia and New Zealand, have all integrated just about anybody who shows up on their shores because a successful immigrant society homogenizes all of its peoples and cultures; what used to be called in America, “the Melting Pot.” Unfortunately, current Leftist dogma is trying to make this concept unfashionable. Instead, they intend immigrants to wield separate but unified power for themselves, exploiting democracy to benefit their specific race and culture, rather than integrate into the mainstream and vote on issues as a like-minded nation. The peril of this attitude is the division it causes.

Resentment among those who consider themselves special due to their lineage is common in any tribal situation. Globalism attempts to circumvent that natural, evolutionary resistance, but the backlash may be substantial, as it is now worldwide, with a resurgence of national identity over individual identity. Politically, nationalism is considered the purview of The Right, and there are many heinous examples of nations experiencing extreme prejudice towards what they consider immigrants: Hutus versus Tutsis in Rwanda; Serbs versus Muslims in Croatia; Germans versus Jews during the Nazi era, and more recent examples all over the globe; but those occur because there was no integration. Society requires its diversified immigrant members to become one, not a number of diverse immigrant societies.


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