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562 Open Borders


Open-Borders advocates have lots of reasons why immigration is good, and they will intentionally conflate illegal immigrants with legal ones, grouping them all together as if the same considerations apply. The Democratic Party seems to have taken this position, and most of the mainstream news media. In fact, Democratic candidates and members of congress are already calling for an end of ICE, the agency tasked with border enforcement. The existing immigrant communities, of which there are many, also support this for the obvious reason that more of their own people can come in. The Democratic Party finds the concept strategic because the vast majority of new immigrants will vote Democratic for the free stuff, an ever-increasing cycle.

The Open Borders argument is basically: if people want to come to the U.S., they should be able to. But this gives all the power to the immigrant, and none to the citizens already living here. It's not up to the immigrants on whether they get to enter the U.S., it's up to us. Most immigrants simply want a better life, but even if they're poor, hungry, or will die otherwise, there's still a process, so they can be screened, and possibly denied. The whole issue is a referendum on Globalism; the idea that all human beings are one, that there are no national boundaries, and that there should be an enforced culture of secular humanism throughout the world. The cabal promoting this Globalism concept are governmental elites, international businesses, and Marxists. In their eyes, citizenship is a thing of the past; you belong to the world.


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