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560 Refugees vs. Immigrants


The word “refugee” conjures up preconceptions of starving, huddled masses, living in make-shift tents, and eating charity-supplied rice. There's absolutely nothing good about this image, automatically triggering people's innate sense of pity & altruism. Exploiting sympathy has become a staple of The Left as a way to open borders and eliminate national boundaries, which is why a nation should be wary of admitting refugees. We must not let emotion and sanctimony override our self-interest.

Refugees are entirely different than immigrants. Immigrants, the legal kind, conjure images of ambitious, hard-working American Dreamers, while refugees are more fodder for the Welfare roles. Immigrants want their own responsibility, while refugees consider themselves victims and expect to be taken care of. Winners in America's pseudo-meritocracy welcome immigrants, while Capitalism's losers prefer refugees because at least there's someone below them on the success hierarchy. There is no good solution for refugees, a hand-out and hands-off approach seems safest, yet still helping those who qualify as potential productive citizens to become immigrants.


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