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557 Employing Illegal Immigrants


There's a reason poor people from other countries want to live in the United States but the citizenry of the United States has no obligation to them. We can offer charity or not, it's entirely up to us; there's no Pope nor other sanctimonious cretins who can override our will because they are holier-than-us, know-better-n-us, or more-powerful-than-us. If The People don't want to allow entry, that's it, choice made, but once Illegal Immigrants are in America, what do we do then?

Anytime someone mentions illegal immigration and how to stop it, somebody always suggests penalizing the people who employ them. Not only does this make private citizens responsible for government's border control obligations but what kind of enforcement are they imagining against employers? Destroy their business? Put legal citizens in jail for hiring Illegals and not even deport the Illegals? Plus, half the population is going to be covering for the Illegals. A huge portion of California is Hispanic, millions of them illegal. Their communities will certainly go Underground Railroad; law enforcement can't penetrate that. A quarter of U.S. commerce is grey-market now, it will simply expand; just drive by a Home Depot in the morning and see the Illegals waiting in the parking lot for somebody who's willing to hire them. No, making employers responsible is not going to work, especially when any lawyer can set up an LLC that employs Illegals that nobody will ever be prosecuted for. Laws only works if people want to abide by them, and immigration is one of those things that can only be prevented, not penalized.


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