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538 From Whom To Who


Political ideologies mostly differentiate based on their concept of redistribution of wealth, and motive is important. Often envious people want wealth taken from some and given to others but that is not an acceptable reason. On the other hand, liberty-minded people recognize if wealth is not redistributed, it concentrates opportunity, which is an important justification for wealth redistribution. You can tell which-is-which by who is intended to be redistributed from, and whom is redistributed to.

From nobody to nobody is the purview of Libertarians who fantasize that everyone will leave each other alone, no matter the breath of inequality; as long as that lasts before revolution, anyway.

From Middle Class to Rich: Conservatives display few qualms about wealth concentration; they even applaud it. In Conservative eyes, to be a rich man is to be admired and respected, and where the money comes from is obvious because poor people don't have any money. This is definitively not acceptable.

From Middle Class to Poor: Progressives wallow in their Marxist altruism. Simply redistributing wealth is not enough; they think The Poor should be the primary beneficiary of such largess: from those according to their ability, to those according to their need; and since the number of The Rich is infinitesimally small, it seems only logical that since the Middle Class has displayed ability, they're on the hook for supplying the needy.

The only acceptable form of wealth redistribution is from Rich to Middle Class: Liberals aim to make everyone Middle Class who works for it given the opportunity. However, concentration of wealth by The Rich limits opportunity, so breaking that stranglehold becomes a primary importance.


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