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536 Hedge Funds


Hedge funds are the epitome of money gamesmanship; where the ultra-rich exploit artificial rules to increase their wealth. They use derivatives to make their $billions, yet create nothing and do nothing of value; they are simply parasites on society. It's been proven time & again that hedge funds are pure gambling, with lots of manipulation, and smidgens of insider trading. They are highly leveraged, as were the Investment banks that caused the 2008 Financial Crisis; for only 3% of their own money, Lehman Bros borrowed and bet another 97% of other people's money. Unfortunately, when their loss was 4%, meaning they owed more than they had skin in the game, they rolled the loss into the next loan via Money Markets, hoping to win on the next bet. This went on ad nauseam until their losses reached almost a $trillion, enough to crash the Money Markets too, then the government stepped in.

Hedge funds and Investment Banks also use the concept of privatizing gains and socializing losses. The idea is that they borrow huge amounts of money from unsuspecting people via retirement funds then bet with it: if they win, they take the gains and pay special low taxes, and if they lose, they bankrupt out of the obligation and let the government cover the losses, because impoverishing tens of millions of retirees isn't good public policy. Of course, the exceptionally high salaries received by the people practicing this deception were not penalized, nor has anyone ever been held responsible; in fact, the rules have not changed, so they can do it again.


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