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530 Investor


Most people have a very positive feeling towards the word “investor,” especially folks who have signed up for The American Dream, thinking anyone can make it big if they just work hard and persevere. Unfortunately, “investing” is little more than an attempt to predict the future, and the people who prey upon those who think it's possible, like the loud, balding guys who insist the stocks they recommend for you on TV will go up, up, up; and so-called, Financial Advisers, who don't have a clue. They're preachers in the Church of Chump, don't listen to them.

Most people would like to see “entrepreneurs” succeed; the franchisers, the servicers, the shop owners; but those aren't investors. The difference between an investor and an entrepreneur is that the former give their money to somebody else, while the latter invest in themselves. Then there are the people who claim to be able to protect your money from taxes, from lawsuits, and from economic downturn. Those aren’t investors either, those are hoarders, and a threat to Capitalism because they lock away the opportunity the rest of us require to obtain liberty. It's concerning that so many people identify as “investors” yet so few people actually do it.


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