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521 Employer vs. Employee


There is and should be an adversarial relationship between employers and employees. Employers are only that because they have to be; if a business could make money without any employees, it would. Similarly, employees are only that because they have to be; if a person could live life on the beach drinking pina coladas, they would. Bringing these two reticent groups together can't help but cause resentment because neither really wants the other. However, there's an almost religious counter-narrative to this situation that entirely overlooks the inherent conflict, instead implying that both sides are naturally friendly just given the right motivational slogans and workplace safety posters.

Employees are employees because they don't want to be employers, it's that simple. Some employees have tried to be employers during their careers and know how awful it is, but people who have never tried to run their own business completely underestimate how difficult it is, to the point of thinking they are exploited by their employer, and should be given the benefits that victimhood brings, while their employer despairs. The whole employer-employee relationship is so fraught with emotion that there is just no way to properly prepare, which is why business advisers recommend not hiring employees: contractors, yes, temps, yes, services, yes, but long-term, you're responsible for their well-being, employees, stay as far away from those as you can.


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