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518 After The Collapse


The world is reeling; economically and socially; after The Collapse, there's going to be some kind of adjustment. After the initial fear and anxiety is over with, a few weeks perhaps, we will settle into a gradual readjustment of how things are; some different, most the same. In the vast majority of the country, Martial Law will not be imposed, and life will be a lot like before The Collapse, just not as many cars on the roads, and a lot more Welfare. Guns will not be required and in most places, and food will be just as plentiful, though not as varied. There will be inflation but other countries have made it through inflation without imploding. However, any savings or retirement, other than Social Security, will be gone.

The Collapse probably won't be even The Depression level of hardship but it won't be like The Depression either. Politically, things that need to change, will; good people will rise to the occasion. Socially, any kind of collapse will immediately kibosh the social war on White males, and no worries that 20th Century-style racism will return because hardly anybody cares what color you are nowadays. The Student Loan fraud will be discontinued, and universities will get back on-track as primarily educational institutions. The Social Safety-net will be strained and go into deficit, but nothing that can't be fixed by printing money. The Collapse might even be good for debt-ridden, poor-job lower Middle Class Americans because it will be the the catalyst for social changes that redistribute wealth and opportunity. It will probably take 5 years to climb back up to a sustainable economy, one that runs without government propping it up with printed money and Make Work programs. Like all the adjustments before it, you can brag to your grandchildren how difficult your life was, implying their lives are relatively easy because of the hardships you endured.


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