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516 Preparing for The Collapse


When the pressures get too great, something snaps somewhere, and our economy is creaking and groaning in warning. Engaging our flights of apocalyptic fantasy, like all red-blooded Americans do, how could you prepare for the coming economic collapse? Let's see: if the zombie apocalypse happens, ammunition, food and drugs will be the currency, but gold is the best bet for anything less than total meltdown because people are habituated to think gold, stamped U.S. coins, not bars, is worth something. Old U.S. silver coins will also probably be accepted by merchants. The biggest problem with coins is that someone with a gun will take them from you, but leaving your gold at a depository is a bad idea; when the shit hits the fan, SHTF in the parlance, those doors will be locked.

Some people say deflation will be the problem but those people are the ones with something to lose, because inflation is most likely. Demand unmatched by supply causes inflation, and there will be high demand for obvious items like gasoline and food, while status automobiles and collector plates will lose their appeal. Investing in Real Estate will hedge inflation but the Property Taxes will also rise accordingly, so bare land is a bad idea on a fixed income. Also, destitute people will need somewhere to live, but deadbeats will vigorously defend their family, so rental property is tough to maintain control of. Generally speaking, people who live in rural areas anticipate The Collapse, often gleefully, while urbanites deny anything is amiss, and suburbanites become Preppers.


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