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515 U.S. Balkanization


Speculation of the U.S. splitting apart has been done to death in many books and several TV shows, and there's even some great websites. Usually, the theory goes, that it occurs after some apocalyptic event, like a virus, that destroys the military, because people don't really see themselves fighting trained soldiers and modern hardware, even if they do have a home assault rifle. However, if it did happen, there's several theories on who the sides will be. During political times, everyone always assumes it will be Democrat versus Republican, but every State has an almost an equal mix of both so the State itself would also have to balkanize, and at a more granular level, what about neighbors of different persuasions? Somebody, maybe you, isn't going to pack up and move from their home just because people around you are mean; there would have to be force involved. The other theory is geographical location, like the Pacific Northwest, The South, The Midwest; all the regions that people consider contiguous today. That's more likely but then why would they want to be separated and vulnerable to outside forces after centuries of being together?

No, it seems unlikely the U.S will ever split apart physically, though it is splitting virtually; business owners not serving groups of people, like gay wedding cakes, has the natural consequence that “No Democrats” signs are inevitable. This is the concept of Virtual States; people could go their whole day patronizing businesses that don't serve others they don't like, reading news tailored to them, associating with people just like them, speaking whatever language suits them. It will be the United States of Narcissists.


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