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510 Occupy Movement


Probably only Millennial-written history books will remember the Occupy Movement. It was an arch-typical Millennial attempt at protest, essentially ineffective, in fact, more of a condemnation of Millennials than a promotion of their cause, because there wasn't a cause, not a clear one anyway; Occupy people were simply bored and anxious and demonstrating is easy, plus they got to do a little camping but still go home to a flush toilet. It was also self-defeating because of its foundation in anarchy, which has the terminal problem of lack of leadership; it's only self-appointed spokesman were unimpressive Marxist thinkers.

 It’s hard for Conservatives to see past the resentment, envy, and perversity of the Occupiers to the real issue: unchecked exploitation of the Capitalist system by the Nouveau Aristocracy. Conservatives don't seem to understand that every year that goes by where Occupiers can't start careers or families, increases their ranks. The Occupy Movement may be dead but the reasons behind it continue unabated, and it won't flounder forever, eventually people will emerge who were articulate, credible, and can state their case clearly; in fact, it already happened when socialism became mainstream.


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