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509 Millennials are Socialists


Socialism is attractive to unambitious people or when opportunity is concentrated. Millennials are becoming socialists because the Nouveau Aristocracy, supported by Republicans, have a lock on opportunity. The entrenched winners won't allow anybody else into the game so all that those out-of-luck people have left is socialism or revolution. Life is good so revolution is out as an option, which leaves more-n-more socialism coming our way as a means to redistribute opportunity. It's a travesty that socialist countries actually give their average citizen a greater chance of changing their status in society than the average citizen here in Liberty America.

Indoctrinating students in public schools with socialist ideals has also played a big role in creating an environment sympathetic to socialism; the idea of world citizenship, environmentalism, stressing inclusion over individual achievement, and other globalist propaganda. Patriotism used to be a counter against socialism but that was another age. Also in the past, the Cold War made socialism taboo for previous generations; Millennials were the first generation that grew up after the fall of the Soviet Union. They are the generation of 9-11, endless war, The Financial Crisis, and The 1%. To a Millennial, spreading around the wealth seems like a reasonable idea.


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