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508 New Graduates


No accomplishment has lost more real value than a college education. For all the high-minded talk about expanding your intellectual and emotional horizons, it's really turned into nothing more than preschool for joblessness. New graduates recognize in their hearts when it seeps in a couple weeks before graduation, that they have nothing lined up except as future baristas, some facial hair, and maybe a new tattoo? Even worse, many potential employers know this, and consider student loan debt an indication of poor judgment. The real secret of new graduates getting jobs is to be born into the Top 1%: jobs are about Who You Know, and Uncle Billy only cares about the degree as an excuse to why he's promoting you over the guys who've been with him for twenty years.

Ivy League schools give prestige, but a degree from anywhere else just makes people wonder why you moved so far away from your parents then move back home afterwards. For the lucky few that get jobs, the initial excitement on the first day is quickly replaced by a sinking feeling when they show you your desk. After the first week, the despair really sets in, but remarkably, you adapt. Camaraderie with other new hires gradually replaces ambition and imagination with capitulation and complacency. However, the older people at the company stay clear because there's actually nothing more pitiful to old graduates than new graduates.


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