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506 Exploiting Millennials


Modern medicine, diet, relatively easy lives, and the fact that most modern jobs are inconsequential, requiring almost no effort to perform, means Baby-Boomers aren't retiring. Plus, “Free” Trade moves the difficult jobs, such as manufacturing, that employers had to pay more for, off-shore. Farming, which at least provided opportunities to work, is now performed by machines or Illegal Immigrants. The consequence is that there are not enough careers to go around; Millennials can only sniff around the scraps of the Baby-Boomers, or become coffee baristas. But it's worse than that; because of the bizarre regressive nature of America's social programs, the burden is felt most heavily by Millennials. Taxes are taken from the first dollar of their meager paychecks and given to people who are relatively better off, and remember Obamacare required Millennials to buy health insurance when they didn't want it so everyone else could get a better deal.

Millennials are also bearing the brunt of the ridiculous student loans, decades of internecine war, the stigma of imaginary racism, and they grew up being constantly scared by the false specter of an environment that will soon collapse. Married Millennials are taxed more, and the cost of raising children has gone up considerably from regulations, such as car seat requirements and childcare. Parents can now go to jail if they discipline their children. Fathers face onerous child support obligations, and there's even negative pressure from Neo-Eco and anti-White forces that discourage having children. Underlying all of this, the very fabric of American beliefs, such as national pride and patriotism, are challenged and denigrated by people who would benefit from the toppling of the status quo. No careers, no families, no safety, no underlying ideology; the Millennials could easily pass from this earth unnoticed by history.


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