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504 The Next Generation


Doubting new generations is not unique in history; it's almost an obligation to diagnose generations coming after your own. The impulse to judge is overwhelming, to repeat the negative refrains of every past generation for the succeeding one, the implication being that the world will end under new management, but there are clear changes and differences that are now occurring. For example, younger generations have little concept of loyalty to American-make products; they have no comprehension of the connection between locally-made goods and where jobs come from. In a younger person’s eyes, American goods are shoddy, and foreign made brands are worth a premium price. Also, Intellectual Property rights for music, movies, and computer software are totally unrecognized, and even resented. The next generations feels neither guilt nor shame when they pirate/steal the work of others for there own entertainment and amusement.

Unfortunately, because many in the next generation don’t have real jobs or careers, their long-term goals are vague with no specific plans to achieve them. There is a tendency not to make extended commitments, like marriage, but instead engage in a multitude of relationships without reflection or promise, further eroding any sense of personal responsibility. Their exploitation of leisure and lack of work ethic also invites consequences. There's some precedence that economies tumble every 3 generations, and that time is upon us. Funny thing is, that just may be the excitement, correction, and motivation the next generation needs.


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