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503 Generations


Since the advent of Identity Politics, naming generations has become a thing. It started with the narcissistic Baby-Boomers wanting a special designation, but of course, now every age group wants to be special: Gen-X, Millennials, Gen-Y. The names have taken on an undercurrent of derision: resentment held by youth towards their elder generation because they suspect that conspicuous consumption financial success is a no longer possible versus the natural envy of the old for the young.

There is also a kind of victimhood shopping that causes the generational definitions to shift around such that it's never quite clear who is deriding who. The designations have essentially been weaponized by people who want to self-identify what generation they are in rather than observe a common definition, like when they were born, and through the the power of this subjectivity, they have full reign to blame virtually anyone as belonging to the oppressor generation, or claim to be an oppressed generation. What makes this so dangerous is that once an entire generation has the excuse to fail because it's another generation's fault, they will.


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