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The idea that a single private individual could walk into the office of a public official, talk to them for a short time, maybe buy lunch, and that official will then vote in a manner beneficial to the lunch-buyer should be more astounding to all of us than it is. What explains the success of lobbyists? How is everyone so susceptible to bribes and flattery?

Ego is the #1 motivating factor for people running for political office. Everybody wants recognition and admiration, and politics seems like the easiest way to obtain them since any Joe Blow can get elected – just look at our current politicians. Suppose you actually go through with it and become a candidate but you know nothing about running a campaign: the situation is surreal, your life is turned upside down, and there's nothing more soul-crushing on this planet than begging your friends for money. You're totally out of your depth, and afraid you are coming across to everyone as clueless. Then, after you're totally stressed out, a ray of hope appears: your first lobbyist. The Lobbyist is nice, and they know things about you and say you're a great candidate. They mention they've just met with members of congress you've only seen on TV. This lobbyist is the closest you've ever be to the power structure, and they say they want to help, and offer a few bucks. You melt. It's actually amazing how little they offer, but it's finally the reverse of begging, and you appreciate getting some unasked for support; it finally feels like you thought it would feel. The Lobbyist never really asks for anything, they just treat you right, and you pay attention to them because you're so grateful, and the magic happens.


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