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We started as a country of part-time politicians who wouldn't risk their precious personal and business reputations by lying or taking bribes in politics. They were incorruptible because they were already secure in their lives. Today's career politicians are so pathetic because they are without principles, totally creatures of the people who pay for them. The vast majority of these grasping aspirants have never risen to anything beyond mediocre getting-by, and will do anything to be someone. Small, Special Interest groups have recognized this fatal weakness of representative democracy, and have successfully leveraged it to present compromised candidates. It only takes a few people to block a competent candidate and put their own gasbag on the ticket. Voters can't tell: they read a 1-paragraph blurb in the Voter's pamphlet, and vote based on appearance.

Most voters don't know who to vote for because they've never heard of anybody so any known candidate will win, especially a celebrity. A celebrity breaks through the Special Interest stranglehold because celebrities have Followers, and get press. What's good about this is that a celebrity owes no allegiance to the gatekeeping worms, and can't be corrupted by money or fame because they already have it. Whatever celebrity kookiness we have to deal with, it's not going to be backroom deals for personal gain. Get ready to lead Kid Rock, Kanye, and Oprah.


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