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495 Party Platform


Since all ideologies have to fit into only 2 Parties, determining which one most closely matches you is difficult, especially when you don't know your ideology yourself. Mostly people default to the Party of their parents but for those seeking their own place, how would they know? Supposedly, a Party is defined by its platform though few people read it. The platform is created every 2 years at the State level and every 4 years nationally to coincide with presidential elections. It's the focus of much activity and bustle that ultimately leads to nothing because most of the candidates don't read it either. However, there are some hints: unions are clearly called for in the Democratic platform, while tax reduction features prominently in the Republican one.

Not surprisingly, both major Party's platforms are closer to The Center than they are to what most people imagine the Parties are; there is no wild-eyed Collectivist rantings in the Democratic platform and even Identity Politics is only alluded to. Similarly, the Republican platform has none of the selfish rantings of Libertarianism, even though those groups are the loudest voices on Social Media. In fact, both platforms have admirable goals, and either would serve as a foundation of goals for the country, if anybody actually followed them.


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