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494 No Compromise


Many big “C” Conservatives express a No Compromise attitude. They imagine the other side doesn't compromise, and all the ground they've lost in the Cultural War is because they have been weak in their resistance, bending to accommodate the needs and desires of other people rather than insisting things stay the same. Libertarian thought similarly does not recognize that other people in society are your allies, and must be negotiated with. This is why Conservatives and Libertarians are so negative towards government, because only it has the power to force compliance, not recognizing the irony that government is all that keeps a minority status quo safe from the disaffected masses.

Conservatives are not the only No Compromisers, plenty exist on the Far Left too, people for who the status quo holds absolutely no allure. The Far Left insists everyone is “equal” and if not so then must be forced into compliance, no compromise. The Left also wants to limit what people say, even what they think; how can there be any compromise if there can't even be a discussion about it? So the two extremes, those who want absolutely no change, and those who want to kick over the apple cart, have at least one thing in common: they compromised on not compromising.


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