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492 What are Liberal Values?


Liberalism, as pertains to the nation’s founding, was the idea of democratic representation, no Class system, debt forgiveness, Rule of Law, and personal autonomy, but over the decades it has come to mean less adherence to the status quo, often explained as “new ideas,” but mostly old ideas presented to a young audience who hasn't encountered them before. However, there are some traits that can generally be implied about liberalism: trust in government, universal enfranchisement, wealth redistribution, and social integration. After that, it's a potpourri of ideologies that don't necessarily fit together but have no place else to go in a nation that has only 2 Parties.

Back-in-the-day, when African Americans were still trying to vote, and young people were breaking out of the traditional religious molds of their parents, “liberal” became equated in many conservative people's minds with hippies, feminists, and the Black Panthers. That disdain continues to this day, though Millennials playing videogames has little connection with anything “groovy.” Today capital “L” Liberal is a small Centrist sliver of the Democratic Party, where most of the rest of Democrats have otherwise adopted a Collectivist ideology of one sort or another, and though they still believe in personal liberty, it's a kind without the component of personal responsibility, an entirely narcissistic version of liberty that capital “L” Liberals find abhorrent.


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