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491 What are Conservative Values?


The confusion with calling someone conservative is that you don't know if it's a little “c” or big “C” because everyone is conservative. We all want our lives to mostly stay the same with some minor changes here and there, it’s just that the part of the political spectrum that is called big “C” Conservatives are more married to to the status quo, usually because their comfort level has already been met. That's why older and wealthier people are big “C” Conservative, but there are some other defining factors that are more than just self-interest that can be included in the Conservative pantheon of ideals: patriotism, Nationalism, Religion, and a deep distrust of government. That last comes because government and God are the only powers that can change the status quo, and big “C” Conservatives are on God's side.

Other defining factors of Conservatives is their fundamental belief that life is a meritocracy, and people deserve what they get, even if it isn't logical, which is explained by “God's will,” which leads to an aristocracy through wealth concentration, but God must have wanted it that way. Conservatives, of course, are attached to their customs & traditions, which leads to a social aloofness and separatism, which is why Conservatives aren't enamored to pure democracy that often leads to social mixing, as well as some very unconservative changes. Because small “c” conservative actions usually result in sustainable policies, big “C” Conservatism is logical and rational, though not innovative or flexible.


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