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490 Democracy Concepts


Democracy has lots of concepts; let's review those we've covered:

  1. Collectivists consider the will of the electorate to be the national majority rather than the local Representative's constituency.

  2. The Electoral College envisioned a group of autonomous States, not a monolithic national plebiscite.

  3. The math of voting is almost immaterial because the dynamics of voting is emotional.

  4. The Right to Vote is a pragmatic one.

  5. GOTV campaigns are intentional biased.

  6. Enfranchisement was what men took in exchange for surrendering their Right of Violence.

  7. Every Special Interest group has a different list of requirements for disenfranchising people they disagree with.

  8. Republics stave off the tyranny of the majority implicit in pure democracy.

  9. Parliaments better represents all the various ideologies.

  10. Top 2 Primary voting has the possibility of functioning like a parliament.

  11. Concentration of wealth & power eventually leads to oligarchy & autocracy.

  12. Commissions mask who is responsible.

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