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487 Top 2 Parliament


In the U.S., there are only 2 Parties yet there are dozens of identifiable ideologies. To have any impact at all, voters have to fit their ideology into one of the 2 Parties then fight for a place at a crowded table. The new Top 2 Primaries, where the top 2 vote-getters advance to the General election regardless of Party, first begun in Washington State then California, are an opportunity to better represent all the people, not just simple majorities that can be easily manipulated.

The most obvious change that Top 2 voting gives is that in highly partisan voting areas, where one of the Parties has no chance, they could select a viable candidate that was less odious to them, thereby still having some control. For example, of the 2 Democrats for Republicans to choose from, one is a more acceptable moderate, rather than only someone from the Far Left.

Also, with the advent of Top 2 Primaries, parliamentary-like representation is possible. This is because Top 2 places the most granular elected position, the Precinct Committee Organizer, or PCO, on the ballot, and anybody can run, no Party affiliation required. PCOs are elected from the people who live in a small local area; one from each Party, so there are hundreds of them. PCO elections allow any ideology in if they have enough local support and can organize, so electing PCOs is like electing a parliament, and since they're selected by voter's ballot rather than in the backroom of Party politics, Communists, Fascists & Greens have just as much chance as anyone else if there's a large enough constituency in their neighborhood, and they meet monthly to represent their constituents. It's republic-style democracy with a parliament flavor.


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