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If a liberty-based society is going to use democracy for governing, only representative democracy, a republic, will work to get anything close to objective leadership because pure democracy, at its best, is a crude tool wielded by the uninformed & hapless. Luckily, statistically, more often than not someone who is informed and competent gets elected, and this representative percolates the desires of their constituency onto a larger stage. However, pure democracy, tyranny of the majority, is more attractive to Collectivists who criticize the idea of servicing parochial desires as it detracts from what is “best for everyone.”

The Left either does not understand the concept of a republic or wishes to subvert it. The Collectivist mindset dictates that local representatives should bend to the national will rather than champion what is in the best interest of their region. In fact, a trend is forming for states to assign their Electoral votes based on national voting patterns rather than the actual votes of their residents. The local mores and values of local people are of no concern to the rest of the nation; especially not to city dwellers who can imagine a future where everyone is equal, mass transit, zoning regulations, and Kumbaya. But America is not a democracy and never has been; it's a republic, which means that regions elect representatives who are their surrogates. Unfortunately, the selection process can be systematically, and relatively easily, gamed, so we ended up with something which is not quite a republic or a democracy.


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