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484 Disenfranchisement


The argument that only select people can vote has always been percolating, usually with regards to military service, but with the advent of so many Illegal Aliens who vote primarily for the Party that caters to them, the idea of universal enfranchisement is again under attack. There is even a senseless discussion about whether democracy is even a good idea, and that at least we should disenfranchise the unqualified. The real discussion, one that is almost totally subjective, is who is “unqualified”?

In the imaginary world where anything that pops into our heads counts as a reason to prevent others from voting, first, no retards; if your IQ under 100, get outta line. Next, no mental illness; if you take any psychs, you're gone. Next, get rid of old people; the advent of Old Age naturally makes someone more self-centered and less self-aware; if you're over 70, die already. The reality is; with a society as large and diverse as ours, there can be no voting requirement besides agency, because in truth, there are more important ways to determine if members of society are beneficial: will they die in battle, perform mind-numbing labor, and raise another generation of the same.


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