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483 Enfranchisement


In early America, voting was limited to an elite cadre of property-owning men. It was thought that others need not vote because, using a Libertarian economic metaphor, a rising tide lifts all boats. Democracy was new then and when these men got together to form Liberty Nation America, they voluntarily surrendered to The State the one thing all men have, their Right to Violence. This worked out when it was men voting because they had all sacrificed something, and got something back: the strongest did not rule so the rest of us could land on the moon and live into Old Age.

Unfortunately, a new religion was simultaneously born, the concept of Natural Rights, imbued by a magical force that superseded the Right to Violence. Inevitably this led to the Right to Vote for everybody, including people whose violence was inconsequential, women, who never-the-less, were enfranchised. Through democracy, these women who had not ceded anything, exploited The State's monopoly on violence for their own benefit. Other powerless groups with little capacity for violence saw the success women have had in subverting State Violence to their own ends, have begun using the same democratic tactics. Now the tables have completely turned: men, having surrendered their power of violence, are now at its mercy. Men have been thoroughly cucked by democracy, and it's unlikely anyone will ever land on the moon again.


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