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482 GOTV


There are certainly enough voters in any election to be an accurate statistical representation of the population's desires, even if for only that instant in time. Statistically speaking, adding 10 or 10,000 people to the roles of voters will not change the election's outcome; that is, unless the new voters are not selected randomly. That's where Party-driven GOTV campaigns come in: it's implicit that when a political Party engages in GOTV, it's trying to get an unrepresentative sample of the population to force their special issues through. It's curious that so many of these GOTV campaigners do not recognize the irony of their subterfuge: they exploit democracy in the name of democracy.

In GOTVers minds, everyone thinks like them, but just need to participate. Activists are so wrapped up in the sanctimony of their ideals that they can't imagine that anyone can think any differently, except evil people, of course. They think the evil people somehow got too many voters and a GOTV campaign will bring in right-thinking people to balance things out. If the GOTVers indeed canvased the general public then their efforts would be admirable, but they don't, they target people whom share similar values, trying to weigh voting in their favor. Thank goodness the numbers are so large and their efforts are so pitiful, because GOTV never seems to have any effect.


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