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480 Voter Dynamics


Voters don't know anything: they don't know what district they're in; they don't know who's running; they don't know what the issues are or even which side they're really on. Even the Voter's pamphlet has no impact; what it really comes down to is which candidate can attract the most Special Interest groups. A candidate can ride a single issue to election, like abortion, it doesn't matter what else they do or say, so on all other issues, how much more random can it be than that?

But voting is psychological; even when people don't actually physically vote, they vote in their imaginations, which is why voting still has tremendous value as the glue that holds society together. It's not bread and circuses the keeps the populace placated, it's voting; constant voting, at least every two years. Any longer than that and the tenuous logical connection between voting and control dissipates, sowing the seeds of discontent and revolution. However, the intent of voting, which is to steer the course of history, doesn't really make any difference in the candidates or laws. How could they? No one can predict the future, certainly not the statistical incongruities of 100 million people.


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