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473 Forced Union Membership


In direct violation to our Freedom of Association, the National Labor Relations Act forces employees to join unions under collective bargaining agreements. It's amazing the conflict took so long to go to the U.S. Supreme Court, probably because the Freedom of Association is a derived Right, not specifically mentioned in the The Constitution even though past Supreme Court decisions have determined it exists. At the State level, 26 States have already made that determination in their State Supreme Courts, and the Freedom of Association has been upheld, but in 24 States, until the Supreme Court's recent decision in Janus, you had to join a union or lose your job.

Under pressure from unions, Washington State and California passed responding legislation giving unions an advantage. Union advocates claim that non-members are free-riders because they receive the benefits of the union's strong negotiating power without paying dues, and that may be true but preventing free-ridership should never supersede a Constitutional Right. Adding impetus to the forced union membership conundrum, people look at the power of the Nouveau Aristocracy and how it controls our lives, then suggest alternatives, like joining unions, that control our lives just as much: the answer is NOT to give away more liberty, it's to take BACK the liberty that's gotten away.


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