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470 Negative vs. Positive Rights


Civilization comes when men capitulate their Right of Violence, either because tyranny forces them down, or they voluntarily submit to The State because it's in their best interests, as was the case at the founding of America, when because of our capacity to imagine, we surrendered our Right of Violence to The State for our families, and for the opportunity to land on the moon. However, men gave up this ultimate but erratic power with the understanding that it would not then be used against them, so the Founders put restraints on The State, called The Bill of Rights, which are “negative” Rights because they specifically identify where The State cannot intervene: speech, guns, privacy, discrimination, you know the list, then for unresolved issues, we chose democracy.

Democracy empowers everyone but it brings consequences; once weaklings got a taste for power through democracy, they immediately recognized the utility of State Violence, and decided they wanted to use it to obtain things for themselves. Thus was born the concept of a “positive” Right, where State Violence is used to coerce people into the designs of an elite who condescendingly determine what is best for everyone. Positive Rights are given enigmatic titles like “human rights,” “natural rights,” “socio-economic rights,” “dignity rights;” and are considered international, making men everywhere responsible for their neighbor nations, a kind of global collectivism. Positive Rights are the exact opposite of what the founders of liberty intended, but instead are what they feared.



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