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462 Prisoners Paying For Their Own Incarceration


The United States locks up too many people, it's as simple as that. Not only is this a reflection of our society but it costs a lot of money. Some scheming misanthropes see this problem and come up with the draconian solution of making prisoners pay for their own incarceration. This may sound appealing on the surface, maybe even logical, but just examine the natural consequences for a moment: what if the prisoner, as usual, has no money? How is money going to be squeezed out of the prisoner? A loan? Extort their family? There seem to be few viable options; is it a coincidence that the use of Chain Gangs is a making a reemergence in the penal system? It's not too difficult to see where the combination is going... The new slavery.

It gets even worse because private companies are given State Power to collect State fines, and incarceration is the penalty for not paying. Before a prisoner incarcerated in this manner can get out after their term to declare their Constitutional Right of bankruptcy, they're found guilty of not paying at a pre-release hearing, and thrown back in prison where taxpayers continue to pay for their incarceration, providing an endless source of labor for The State. Explaining all this with the worst possible motive is probably the correct one: it's intended to keep people in jail indefinitely, both as a source of cheap labor and to keep them off the streets. Society should never raise money through punishment, as it inevitably leads to exploitation and abuse.


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