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461 Prison


The bottom 10% of society have IQs so low that they are incompetent at everything. Add in the developmental psychopaths, and the number of dangerous men who live among us is absolutely frightening. And now that we've become more civilized, there is no place for them to go. Most people who vote obviously don't know this because their sense of propriety is completely suburban; they have little or no association with real life. When confronted with the news of wrongdoing, they wallow in self-righteous indignation, casting judgment from the safety of gated communities: for them prison is vengeance and conveniently keeps the riff-raff out of their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, imprisoning people in mass does nothing but improve traffic congestion.

Prison has almost no curative value, but it does offer food, shelter, security, friends; things that many of the prisoners don't have outside prison, and many people who are incarcerated simply can't survive in our complicated society. In fact, the regiment and security of prison may be just the thing to give them purpose in life, and really, how much different is prison from the military? There's no question the military turns boys into men, as does prison, just not the kind of men you want to know, or that society benefits by.


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