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460 Justice


The distortion of the word “justice” to legitimize any hair-brained ideology that comes along is a relatively new phenomenon. Everyone wants justice, they're just not quite sure what it means? We just assume when justice is served, it was something logical. It's not a coincidence that this is also the term most closely associated with our existing legal system, and justice has a legal definition which should have made it objective, but because one of its synonyms is “fairness,” it has become one of the most subjective of words: what's fair to one person is another's tyranny. More synonyms for justice are “righteousness,” “equitableness,” and “moral,” all highly subjective. Unfortunately, there's no mention of truth or rationality.

It's no wonder that scheming Special Interests groups exploit the positive preconceptions and lack of objectivity of justice, trying to advance their causes to the top of the synonym hierarchy. For example, how did racism or bigotry become the most important presumed Constitutional prohibitions, at least as viewed by Social Media, whereas real Constitutional Rights like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom from Search and Seizure, and the Right to Bear Arms are under attack. There's a deep irony that Social Justice Warriors are the ones trying to take everyone else's justice.


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