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456 Zoning


Nothing identifies the ideology of a government like zoning; the desires of central planners making selfish decisions for questionable public good. Zoning is the idea that it's against the law to do something with your own property unless it's specifically allowed, the exact opposite of Rule of Law. Look at the restrictions put on land use and you can determine what kind of people live there: high rise living started out as poor tenements but now it's something many people prefer. Local shopping, flower boxes and bike lanes are anachronistic nostalgia, but do appeal to a segment of the overall population who move there, people who denigrate private homes as “McMansions,” and demonize mowing the grass. The same people responsible for homelessness and forcing people from their cars.

Zoning regulations didn't show up in the U.S. until 1916 in New York City due to buildings blocking sunshine, and it hasn't gotten any better since then. After Oregon went overboard on zoning, property owners went to court, and now if zoning devalues property, government must pay the difference, but it turns out there were more complainers than plaintiffs, and Oregon hardly ever has to pony up because it doesn't have any money. However, the Godzilla of all zoning is self-imposed: HOA rules that regulate the color of your roof, and whether your garage door can be open during the day.


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