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450 Female Violence


Men are indoctrinated against striking women, and if they do, society treats them extremely harshly. Men also strike men, but the punishment has no trace of outrage, and leaves no stigma. These attitudes are left over from the age of The Patriarchy when women had special treatment in the eyes of society as recompense for the ascendancy of men. However, modern women, in their quest for “equality,” conveniently bypass such anachronistic dichotomies. Most people actually defend the double-standard; the wall of sanctimony is virtually insurmountable because women want to retain the remnant benefits of The Patriarchy, giving lie to their stated agenda: Feminists are not looking for equality, they are battling for superiority.

Women also hide behind erroneous statistics that women will experience more physical violence in their lifetime than men. Are all these statisticians women who have never experienced male-on-male hierarchy conflict that all males are subject to but don't report? Women often claim verbal abuse as well, which can be twisted into a Domestic Abuse, which is a crime, but statistics show that men are much more the target of verbal abuse than women. However, focusing on the incidents where a woman physically assaults a man is by far the worst inequity: women can strike men, triggering a testosterone-based response that gets the man arrested while the woman achieves victim status. For example, a Florida college quarterback got kneed in the groin after trying to prevent further escalation of a conflict with a drunk woman, hit her, then lost his scholarship. Nothing happened to the woman. Women blithely enter the realm of male hierarchy oblivious to the seething violence all around them, relying on the indoctrination of men to keep them safe, yet males suffer the consequences of their action. Who's the real victim here?


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