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449 Man-Spreading


The best way to win a war is to always stay on the offensive, and a multi-front offensive is the best kind, especially against an opponent who isn't even aware they are in a battle. “Man-spreading,” the ludicrous claim that men sit on subway benches with their knees apart rather than together to accommodate tighter packed riders, is an example of keeping the opposition on the defensive by giving moral license to any sanctimonious twit to confront the man-spreader verbally and harass them, yet the hypocrisy of women putting bags on the seat next to them is a common phenomenon.

There's man-shaming on multiple fronts; for example, “mansplaining,” where women mock a man who talks to them like a teacher, as ironic as that sounds. Feminist women complain that they don't want the air of superiority men take towards women, so-called “talking over” them; that women know just as much as men do. This is a narrow, self-centered accusation, intended only to demean men. Men “mansplain” to other men too, especially if it's a manly subject like repairing cars and the listener is a effete Volvo driver. The anti-man campaign doesn't have to make sense because that's not its intention; its goal is to diminish men by haranguing and disparaging them, one of the most effective weapons in the secret war against men.


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