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447 Transracial


The opposite of “objectifying,” which is what feminists claim men do to the female body, is “subjectifying,” which is how Identity Politics mongers gain control over others. If you can claim any gender and the accompanying paradigm that entails, disregarding biology, then you can go so far as to claim a race and heritage that conflicts with the facts. The famous example of the affluent White woman who claimed she's Black is not an isolated case; transracialism is also a thing. Unfortunately for her, Black people didn't see it that way, and as in the case of transgenders, other women and men don't see it that way either, but that makes no difference to the Identify Politics mongers; they have taken subjectivity to its logical conclusion, that there are no facts and there is no truth.

Once everything is subjective, the natural conclusion is no limits on definitions, which is why the list of claimed genders has grown into the 100s, and now people not only expect to chose their racial and sexual identity, they also want to be “fluid” about it, choosing another identity as they deem necessary. When people can expect to slip out of social identification by claiming they are the only ones who can decide; their control over human interaction becomes absolute, which is why the strategy is gaining acceptance. You can demand to wrestle on the women's team even though you have male muscles, and claim hiring preferences even though your past is one of affluence. When there are no social constructs, there is no way to know how to interact in a social situation, established values have no meaning, and debate is confused because there are no basic accepted facts, making communication among people who don't agree virtually impossible.


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